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Welcome to Al-Hadid Keris Malela

Here at Al-Hadid Keris Malela, we inherit the knowledge of artistic Nusantara ancient weaponry and experts in making kris, dagger, sword and bolo knife (sundang).

We welcome all fans of Nusantara weapons collector to purchase from us. Feel free to browse through our range of weapons dedicatedly hand made by us, or simply share the art of Pamor to uphold the artistic heritage of the Ancient Malay weaponology.


Gallery of Al-Hadid Keris Malela

Browse through our various collections of kris, dagger and sword available on the right column. Then, click on the desired choice to view it. Your choice will be shown in the gallery on the top left column.

You may also view our wide range of Pamor in the column below. Thank you for browsing our site.


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